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      Used Machinery

      National Machinery, as the OEM and world leader in Metal Forming Technology has the unique ability to know more than anyone about used cold forming machines.  This is an advantage in both buying a used machine or  selling a used machine.?


      Used Machine Advantages:
      • OEM knowledge of exact machine options and specifications

      • Known location of thousands of machine models

      • Knowledge of market pricing

      • Global  sales network, including 15 offices and service centers in North America, Europe, and Asia

      • Complete language capability

      • Available technicians for complete machine evaluations

      • Assistance with shipping/exporting if required. 

      Used Machine Offerings
      • Sales of NM inventory used machines

      • Purchase/Sales used machinery

      • Trade-in of used machinery

      • Commission brokerage sales of used machinery


      Current Used Machine Inventory

      All machinery specifications are for the original machine including any known changes, discrepancies may exist between specifications and the current machine.  


      For more Information about any of the Machines listed 
      Please Contact:

      Nichole Schalk-Tiell
      Used Machinery Sales
      Tel: +1 (419) 443-2273
      Email: nschalk@nationalmachinery.com


      or Contact one of our Global Sales Offices



      Jerry Bupp
      Director of Used Machinery
      Tel: +1 (419) 443-2115
      Email: jbupp@nationalmachinery.com




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